As students, we learn to listen to our bodies and what we need each and every day.

We are all individuals, that have different body types, possible injuries that we are dealing with, and we are constantly changing on a daily basis .


At HYA, we empower students to practice a mix of classes, depending on what your body & mind needs.  

Check out our what we have on offer. 

A flow style of class that links a series of poses together, connecting breath with movement.


This practice is open to everyone as there will be modifications and challenges alike.


A general level of fitness can be helpful.

Yin is a mindful floor based practice where postures are held for time.


It targets the connective tissues & the joints, so makes a perfect addition to weights training and more physical practices.


Suitable for everyone, particularly people who are ‘busy’ stressed & in need of balance.

Hatha is a slower paced class with more static holds. It allows time to find safe structure and alignment of each pose.


Using asana as the foundation, Hatha classes may incorporate deeper Tantric techniques, such as Pranayama, Bandha, Mudra, Mantra and Meditation.


Suitable for all levels of experience.