Why Corporate yoga?

An effective and regular Yoga practice can bring several benefits to your workplace,

among which:


- Increase Employee Productivity by boosting morale.

- Contribute to build Employee Engagement, strengthening relationships and creating a happier workplace.

- Decreases stress and anxiety in the workplace.

-·Improve workers health, helping them be a little more active.

- Promote a healthy “Work – Life” balance.

- ·Improve posture (i.e. preventing back-pain) and maintain healthy joints (i.e. preventing issues such as carpal tunnel in the wrists).


At HYA Yoga, we provide private yoga classes directly at your workplace or here at our studio

We also offer specific programs designed for:

- HR training sessions

- Corporate events

- Team building activities

Classes range between 45 minutes to 1 hour and can be completely customized

to your workers and their goals. 

Specific programs can be also built according to your needs the length of your commitment.

We also offer in-bulk discounts for your workers on our 3 - 6 -12 month memberships so they can practice and stay healthy & focused anytime.