Wed, Nov 25
HYA Yoga
Movember Event - Food & Mood Talk
Join yoga teacher and functional nutritionist Kerryelle for a free chat about mental health and the effect the food you eat has on yours.
Sat, Nov 28
HYA Yoga
The Science and Energetics of Inversions with Chris Alleaume
Join Chris to learn the science and subtle energetics behind inversions. Inversions teach us a lot about ourselves and our bodies. You do not have to be able to handstand to come to this workshop!
Sat, Dec 05
HYA Yoga
Yoga Teacher Group Mentoring with Chris Alleaume - December 2020
Do you want to refine or enhance your teaching skills and receive valuable and objective feedback on your strengths and areas to work on?
Fri, Dec 11
HYA Yoga
Deep Rest with Kerryelle
Join Kerryelle for a deeply restful, relaxing and regenerative evening with her Deep Rest offering. Learn about the Vagus nerve and its effect on your body and practical tools to help you re-set it and influence your autonomic nervous system into a parasympathetic state.
Wed, Dec 16
HYA Yoga
Spirit of Man: A Men's Circle with Chris Alleaume - December 2020
A monthly gathering of men in an authentic sharing circle to share our trials and tribulations.



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