Dear HYA Community,


It is with mixed emotions that we are writing to let you know that HYA Yoga Miranda will no longer be operating out of the Miranda studio after the 12th July 2019. 


The good news is that Chris and Nina will continue to run HYA Yoga Cronulla, with the same teaching staff, passion, and dedication as always. There will be more exciting news from HYA Yoga Cronulla soon. If you would like to continue to hear from HYA Yoga Cronulla, please sign up to the newsletter here, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.


For our Miranda members, the studio will still continue to offer yoga! Power Living Australia are taking over the premises on Saturday 13th of July - they are very excited about being part of the Miranda community. You can find out more about Power Living, the Miranda studio timetable and in future all studio events etc. via their website here.



What does this mean for our current students?



If you have a CLASS PASS (5 – 10 – 20 class pass)

You won’t be affected. Your pass is still valid exactly as it is.


If you have a MEMBERSHIP (direct debit or paid upfront for 3 – 6 – 12 MONTHS)

Your membership will still be valid BUT you will only be able to practice in the HYA Yoga Cronulla studio.



If you have a CLASS PASS (5 – 10 – 20 class pass)

You can choose to finish your pass EITHER at HYA Yoga Cronulla OR Power Living Miranda. Please advise us, which studio you would like your pass to be valid at by the 10th July.


If you remain a Miranda student with Power Living and you wish to enter into a Direct Debit membership (if you’re not on one already) you will be entering into an  agreement with Power Living Miranda - membership conditions may vary, but prices will be honored as per HYA pricing structure -  on your first visit to Power Living Miranda (after 12th July).


You can move your current contract over to HYA Yoga Cronulla (you must decide to do this by July 10th and email cronulla@hyayoga.com)


HYA Yoga Cronulla OR Power Living Miranda will honour your purchase BUT you need to decide WHICH STUDIO you would like to stay with, as memberships are only valid at one location from the 13th of July. Your decision has to made by 10th July.


You can choose to finish your pass at EITHER HYA Yoga Cronulla OR Power Living Miranda. Please advise us where you would like your pass to be valid by 10th July.

How do you know which studio your membership is at?

Log into Mind Body and go to your account information. Click on ‘Purchases’. You will see the location next to your purchase history.


If you are unsure, please email the studio you’d like to continue to practice at and we will look into your account for you - miranda@hyayoga.com or cronulla@hyayoga.com  


More Information

The HYA Yoga newsletter will cease to be sent after 12th July. If you would like to continue to receive the newsletter, and find out about upcoming events, please sign up to Cronulla’s newsletter here.


Janine, the founder of HYA Yoga has decided to relocate to the UK. She will still be running Teacher Trainings and workshops in Australia (and all over the world). If you would like to find out more about Janine’s offerings, please sign up to her newsletter here, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram.


Over the years we have loved seeing you all evolve and change on your yoga journey. So many started here through our intro pass and continued all the way onto our Teacher Training program. We hope we continue to see you on the mat in the studio.


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us next time you’re in the studio or send an email to:




With love,

The HYA Yoga Team